Deep Tissue Therapy


Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, at Steamboat Health and Wellness, is patient-focused, patient-driven and interactive between the Therapist and their Patient.

It’s exhausting for the body to be constantly tight, stiff or in pain. Our Therapist manually relaxes your body’s deep muscular and soft tissue structures. Deep Tissue work, reduces muscle stress, spasms, tension, and pain. By focused work with pin & stretching, broadening and lengthening of muscular tissue this will increase your circulation for the healing process to begin. Your pain level, range of motion and flexibility will improve immensely. This is critical for your healing process. Going deep doesn’t need to be painful. You and the Therapist will work together, as a team. The therapist will check in with you regularly, working with your pain tolerance throughout the therapy. This will ensure that just the right amount of pressure will be applied. Increasing your water intake and applying a cool pack after this deep work will also help to flush out the lactic acid and toxins from your sore muscles.

Deep Tissue work will surprisingly increase your energy level, instead of spending your energy fighting tight, ornery muscles, you will have more energy to do the fun things in life!


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