Medical Research Studies for PEMF


The PEMF Medical Research Digest below summarizes abstracts from the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Center for Biotechnology in the National Institutes of Health. These institutions promote better understanding of molecular processes affecting human health and disease. Full abstracts for each study can be found at Just put the PMID number in the search box for a more detailed information.
Back Pain—Study finds PEMF reduced pain and disability for patients with chronic lower back pain. Journal of International Research PMID: 16749411
Back and Whiplash Pain—Study finds PEMF to have significant potential for quickly reducing back and whiplash pain. Neuro Rehabilitation PMID: 12016348
Chronic Pain—Study finds PEMF reduces chronic pain and recommends more study of PEMF for short-term relief. Pain Research & Management PMID: 16770449
Inflammation and Fractures—Study finds PEMF effective to repair bone fractures and treat inflammatory disease like arthritis. Biomedical Sciences PMID: 10834201
Knee Pain—Study finds that PEMF treatment can improve knee function and reduce impairment of daily life activities. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift PMID: 12602111
Migraines—Study finds 76% of PEMF patients felt clear relief. Of non-PEMF patients 10% felt some relief, 2% felt worse headaches. Advances in Therapy PMID: 11571822
Muscle Pain—Study finds PEMF to have positive short and medium-term therapeutic effects on myofascial muscle pain. Clinical Neurophysiology PMID: 12559244
Sacral and Pelvic Pain—Study finds PEMF to be fasting-acting and economical, often obviating the need for surgery. European Journal of Surgery PMID: 7531030
Sciatica—Study reports that PEMF stimulation of the sacral nerves may be a promising therapy for relief from sciatic pain. Diseases of the Colon and Rectum PMID: 11852346
Ankle Sprain—Study finds PEMF therapy significant decreases active duty military training days lost due to acutely sprained ankles. Military Medicine PMID: 8441490
Arthritis—Study finds PEMF can provide important tools to treat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation PMID: 10834201
Bone Fracture—Study reports that it is well known that PEMF can induce repair of non-healing bone fractures. Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation PMID: 10834201
Carpal Tunnel—Study finds PEMF provides significant short and long-term pain relief and improves function for carpal tunnel patients. Pain Medicine PMID: 18777606
Fibromyalgia—Study finds that PEMF may be a safe and effective tool for patients with chronic pain from fibromyalgia. Pain Research & Management PMID: 18080043
Knee Surgery—Study finds PEMF patients more completely recovered (26% used NSAIDs) after arthroscopic knee surgery than non-PEMF patients (75% used NSAIDs). Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy PMID: 17333120
Osteoarthritis Knee Pain—Study finds significantly less OA knee pain in PEMF patients (46%) than non-PEMF patients (8%). Alternative Therapies PMID: 11565402
Osteoarthritis Pain—Study reports PEMF to be effective in decreasing pain and improving function of OA patients. Journal of Rheumatology PMID: 8478852
Rotator Cuff Injury—Study finds 65% of patients with severe rotator cuff injuries had no symptoms after PEMF. 17% were much improved. The Lancet PMID: 6143039
TMJ—Study strongly suggests that PEMF is a safe and effective treatment for TMJ and for increasing range of motion in the Temporo Mandibular Joint. Cranio PMID: 14964334
Alzheimer’s—Study finds that PEMF treatment improves specific cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. International Journal of Neuroscience PMID: 7960477
Diabetes—Study finds PEMF to be safe and effective in reducing neuropathic pain and promoting peripheral nerve function in diabetic patients. Diabetologia PMID: 15834546
Diabetes—Study finds that PEMF accelerates healing for diabetics and may prevent ulcers, necrosis, and amputation. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery PMID: 18176216
Multiple Sclerosis—Study finds PEMF a uniquely effective treatment for MS symptoms, even for chronic progressive patients. International Journal of Neuroscience PMID: 8063544
Multiple Sclerosis—Study finds PEMF can reduce MS-related fatigue, the main “quality of life” concern for a majority of MS patients. Wien Med Wochenschr PMID: 12658965
Osteoarthritis—Study finds PEMF to be effective in treating Osteoarthritis, including painful OA of the knee and cervical spine. Journal of Rheumatology PMID: 7837158
Osteoporosis—Study reports PEMF efficiently relieves primary OP pain and increases Bone Mineral Density and bone formation. Chinese Medical Journal PMID: 19080282
Parkinson’s—Study finds PEMF rapidly increases Dopamine levels and Visual Evoked Potential in Parkinson’s patients. International Journal of Neuroscience PMID: 8707479
Stroke—Study finds beneficial effects in rehabilitation of ischemic stroke patients using low frequency PEMF. Przeglad Lekarski PMID: 17892036
Tinnitus—Study finds improvement in 45% of PEMF Tinnitus patients, but only 9% in non-PEMF patients. Clinical Otolaryngology and Allied Sciences PMID: 8877185
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