Swedish or Relaxation Massage


 A Swedish or Relaxing Massage can help you unwind… slow down and actually feel relaxed, but that’s not all it does, a professional Relaxing Massage can relieve tension in your muscles, lowers blood pressure, gives relief of stress and anxiety, increases circulation, helps with insomnia, reduces swelling/edema, rids the body of unneeded toxins, boosts your immune system and reduce muscle soreness. A Relaxing Massage, like other types of massage, can cause your body to release natural painkillers, called endorphins. Relaxing massage can give you a sense of calmness, peace, happiness, balance and a sense of well being in our busy lives. It is good for our bodies to slow down and have the chance to relax and not be in ‘overdrive’ or ‘hyper mode’ all the time. The body and its immune system tends to break down when it is in constant overload.

 Let us help you rejuvenate your over worked, over stimulated, tired body. Call us at 360.866.6479 for your Relaxing Massage and you will leave feeling Relaxed and Rejuvenated.


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