Spa Treatments


Part of being healthy is taking time to reduce the daily stress of life and get away from the “fast- pace” we sometimes find ourselves in. “Hyper-mode” is exhausting and draining on our bodies.

Constant stresses in our lives can also eventually cause havoc on our immune systems. It’s very important to find time to “relax”…”breathe”… and  “rejuvenate” your body. That’s why we now offer Relaxing Spa Services.

You and your friends can schedule multiple Services and linger throughout the day. Or you can schedule a half hour for one of our relaxing Spa Treatments. Either way, you will feel the benefit.

Spa Options Available with Reservation Include~

Call Anytime at 360.866.6479 to Arrange a Spa Treatment or Package to fit your needs.

ENJOY Your Time & Relax … 


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