Lymphatic Drainage Massage


One way or another, we all may get some form of swelling in our muscles, which Lymphatic a Draining can be so beneficial.  Sometimes our swelling can be from a sports injury, a fall, or twisting an ankle. Sometimes it’s from overusing a muscle, a broken bone, or from a trauma or a surgery.

When swelling occurs, we may need some help flushing the stagnate lymph out our bodies. Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps the body get rid of unneeded waste and toxins, while also boosting the immune system. This gentle technique simply encourages the body’s natural movement of lymph from injured tissues to speed natural cell regeneration.

We can help reduce edema and/or swelling using this technique; however, it is recommended to get a doctor’s referral, especially after surgery or if you have any major health issues, such as acute inflammation, malignant tumors, deep vein thrombosis or major heart problems. Because of its effect on the immune system, people with cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney problems, asthma or epilepsy should also seek a medical referral before treatment.

As with any massage, it is important to drink lots of water to help flush out the extra toxins and lactic acid we are helping your body get rid of.

For questions about Lymphatic Drainage, or if you would like to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to call…360.866.6479.

We will work directly with your Primary Care Doctor to promote your healing process.


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