Trigger Point Release / Myotherapy


Trigger Point Release / Myotherapy

Applying localized and fairly deep pressure on a particular part of a muscle knot, spasm or trigger point, and holding it for about 10–20 seconds without lightening the pressure, tends to help the pain dissipate. The American Massage Therapy Association journal states that “Myotherapy is a method of relaxing muscle spasm, improving circulation and alleviating pain.

It works by defusing “trigger points,” which are intense knots of muscle tension that often refer pain to other areas of the body.


When a trigger point or muscle tension is under excess emotional or physical stress it often responds by throwing a muscle into spasm. Spasm, in turn, causes pain. Trigger Point or Myotherapy decreases the spasm by relieving the appropriate trigger points.

Trigger Point or Myotherapy is known to re-educate muscles and joints to move properly; decrease muscle and joint pain from an injury; decrease muscle spams, knots and tension; increased energy, endurance and well being; increases blood flow to aid in the muscle healing process; increase muscle health, motion, flexibility, range of motion of joints; reduce susceptibility to strains, sprain, cramps or spasms. We have seen great results with Trigger Point Release Therapy.

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